‘Francobollo’ live at The Cookie, Leicester…

Eccentric Scandinavian pop punk group ‘Francbollo’ filled Leicester based venue The Cookie with their loud individual sound. Definitely a marmite band, the male group clad in denim playsuits, certainly looked at home at the intimate venue. Sporadic guitar lines and psychedelic piano patterns clashed with thrashing drums to create a song structure that certainly stood out to me.

Consistent humour and enthusiasm helped glue the band together few a couple of technical hiccups, but to be frank a band with this much enthusiasm and pure creativity are set for great things. To describe their sound, well, some of it’s good for surfing and some of it’s good for thrashing your arms and rocking out to. But in a nutshell their sound revolves entirely around a crazy, wild joy that is just reflects the bands charisma.

It’s also mirrored in the crowd that came out to support the bizarre band, fans went way out flaunting quirky attire and swaying to their favourite tunes. The Cookie was certainly the perfect venue for the upcoming band, giving them a special sense of intimacy with the small group of loyal followers that came out to support them. They certainly gave me a taste of a sound unfamiliar to my ears, and whilst their bold sound isn’t for everyone, I think I’ve become a lover of this marmite band.

To get a flavour of their sound check out tracks ‘Call the Breeze’ ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Kinky Lola.’




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